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We have heard God calling for a new church to be planted in Montreal. The question is what kind of church? Through Jesus Christ, God has created for Himself a new people; a people from every nation on earth. In other words, one family of all humanity since it is through our relationship with Jesus that we are able to have truly loving relationships with one another.

The next question is what is this church supposed to do? We believe the church is not some weekend club for people to get together. The church is a living body used by God to shine His presence in this broken world. It has not taken long for God to show us the need for an active church. One that pours its heart into discipling and nurturing the soul-transforming faith of its people. We see as well the great need to be involved in our community of Cote-des-Neiges. The church is not “outside” of the world, but is interconnected and involved with its neighbours and neighbourhood. None of these things are easy tasks and we are not perfect, but this the heart that God has given us as a church.

our culture

Our heart towards God, to each other, and to our community




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