Game Changer Sports Gospel of Mark

Game Changer


In every athletic competition there is that one moment; the moment that changes the landscape of the game entirely-it could be the first play of the game all the way up unto the last, but this moment ultimately defines victory for some and defeat for others. As Jesus begins his earthly ministry portrayed in Mark chapters 1-3, Mark portrays this as a “game changing” moment. A moment in which Jesus introduces victory to his followers and defeat his enemies by changing how people will see, understand and relate to God.


Date Title Passage Download
October 6, 2019 Hype Man: The Ministry of John the Baptist Mark 1:1-8 Coming soon.
October 13, 2019 Team Mates: The Necessity of Spiritual Community Mark 1:9-20 Coming soon.
October 20, 2019 Out of Bounds: Jesus demonstrates His Authority Mark 1:21-3:12 Coming soon.
October 27, 2019 Out of Bounds: Authority over Demons Mark 3:13-35 Coming soon.
November 3, 2019 Out of Bounds: Authority over Leprosy Mark 1:21-34 Coming soon.
November 10, 2019 Out of Bounds: Authority over Sin Mark 1:35-45 Download
November 17, 2019 Out of Bounds: Authority over Legalism Mark 2:1-12 Download
November 24, 2019 The Draft: Chosen to follow the Master Mark 3:13-35 Coming soon.