A bit about our church life throughout the year

Outside of Sundays, we have many activities, events and ministries that you can be a part of. Here are a few of the things we typically do throughout the year. If you’re curious what a typical Sunday is like, click here.


Our worship ministry has been a place for our church members not to simply develop their music skills but experience deep and meaningful discipleship through prayer and sharing of testimony.


Throughout the year at Voyage we hosted different studies both on zoom and in person at homes or in parks in summer. Our bible studies are expositional and discussion based. We also go through books in the form of studies that we believe are important to go through as a church.

Bloc Party

Part of how we like to connect with our neighborhood is by hosting community parties, with BBQ, face painting, games, music and bouncy castles. Our tradition is to host a big party for Canada day each year. We love coming together as a church to share in our unique giftings and blessing those in our neighborhood.

Community Outreach

One of the ways we like to make our Church know in the community of Cote-Des-Neiges is by doing free coffee/hot cocoa outreach at the metro. It’s an opportunity for local commuters to get pamphlets, have conversations and sometimes even prayer.


We love celebrating the diversity that God has blessed us with, such the Filipino culture brought by some of our members. Last summer we had a Filipino potluck where we got to learn about (and taste) the uniqueness of this beautiful country.


We are a small church with a small (but growing!) youth and kids ministry. Our leaders and teachers are devoted to raising up the younger generation in a deep an impactful way, as they learn to have good conversation and ask difficult questions.


We’ve hosted a conference on marriage and romantic love in 2022 with several guest speakers which attracted Christians throughout Montreal. We are excited at the prospect of hosting more conferences in collaboration with other churches in the future.