Looking for a church in Montreal?

We invite you to come visit us this Sunday at 9 am at:

1012 Chem. Saint-Clare,
Mont-Royal, QC

We’re a group of people from different walks of life, ages and nationalities in the heart of Montreal who want to show the same love Jesus shows us to each other and our community.

If you’re interested in exploring your faith and would like to sit in and learn more, you’re at the right place.

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Current Series

God has supremely revealed Himself to us in the words of the Bible, yet for many of us understanding the Bible is a real challenge. “How was it written?” “How can I understand it?” “Does it have any mistakes?” are just some of the many questions we often keep to ourselves.
Yet, if the Bible is God’s book for humanity, then our first task is to know all we can about it, from where it comes from, why we believe it’s true, and how we can rely on its teachings to know God and faithfully follow His design for our lives.