Join us every Sunday 9am »» 1012 Chem. Saint-Clare, Mont-Royal »» Coffee provided, parking available!

First timer? Join us this Sunday!

8am Prayer & Coffee in the sanctuary
9am Worship & Sermon
10:30am Snacks & Refreshments downstairs

1012 Chem. Saint-Clare, Mont-Royal, QC

We are a group of people from different walks of life, ages and nationalities in the heart of Montreal who want to show the same love Jesus shows us to each other and our community. If you’re interested in exploring your faith and would like to sit in and learn more, you are at the right place.

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Jesus: The Gate to Life
Sermon Series

Have you been working towards having a good life? an abundant life, or an exciting life? We all want to feel like we’re living life to its fullest, but no matter how hard we strive, we eventually find ourselves unfulfilled.

Well, the Apostle John shows us in his gospel, through Jesus’ teachings and miracles, that by following Jesus and having faith in His death as the Son God for our sin, that we can have lives of fullness and abundance.