Join our team

Voyage Church launched in September 2019, yet the planting process is only beginning as we endeavor to grow as a church and reach more people.

Planting a new church is not easy, and many hands are needed to help this ministry to not only survive but thrive. At this point, we are very dependent on a strong core team of volunteers to share in the vision and work together to fulfill this mission.

What is a core team?

Core Team members are local individuals, as well as travelers and missionaries from abroad who have a crucial role serving in various ways from general tasks to utilizing spiritual gifts. More importantly, however, we all simply share a desire and commitment to see the church grow and to love the community God has called us to by giving our time and effort to this cause.

What are the implications?

The Voyage Church Core Team is not a indefinite service either. Once the church is established, new ministries will take its place to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly. So if you feel called to help only for a season, this would fit perfectly. Joining the core team can be a way for you to grow in harnessing your gifts and talents in serving the Body of Christ. We see this as a partnership, and want to take every opportunity to help you in your development as well.


Is God calling you to be a part of our Core Team? If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with us at

Not at all, if you’d be interested in serving with Voyage for a season we would love to talk to you and your church leadership regarding this opportunity.
Not at all, as a matter of fact most of Jesus’ followers weren’t believers when they started hanging with Him and since you’re helping us fulfill a task we have roles that non Christians can help us with as well!

We generally ask for a six month commitment, renewed semi-annually, but of course we are flexible!

We have a variety of roles for you to assist in. Some examples would include; setting up and cleaning up for Sunday services, greeting and hospitality, music and audio-visual help. On one hand Core Team Members are expected to help out where there is a need, regardless of talent or gifting, but on the other hand we try to match people and responsibilities as best we can according to talent and spiritual gifts.