Become an intern

Have you felt God’s call to go plant a church? We know it’s something that can’t be ignored, but it can be very daunting to get started. There is a lot of work to be done and much of it is unexpected at the beginning.

We invite you to consider coming alongside us for a season as an intern where you can experience firsthand the inner workings of a church plant and gain greater clarity of God’s plan and purpose for your life.

An intern is an official role within the North American Mission Board, in which a future church planter works alongside an approved church planter tending to a new church. Therefore the first step, aside from getting in touch with us, would be to go through the church planter application process with NAMB. We are here to get you connected to the right people and help as you go through the process.

The length of an internship is fluid according to the individual and situation. Technically some planters are affirmed immediately and do not need to intern at another church plant. Other times future planters are asked to remain in their internships longer to help out the church plant they are at. However, as a general guideline you could expect to invest a year or two in this position.
The roles of an intern are diverse and much the same as a church planter. You would work under a lead church planter, and thus be expected to assist and learn from him. The tasks therefore could range from setting up services and logistics tasks, serving in the community, taking a leading role in discipleship and community groups, as well as serving in the weekly service and delivering sermons.
Getting started

We are affiliated with the North American Mission Board. If you are interested in church planting or missions, please check out their website. Whether you are just curious or ready to jump on board, we’re happy to help you on your way. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll help answer any of your questions or connect you with our North American Mission Board contacts.