Decoding Love – Marriage & Dating Conference


Service Date
Sunday, April 2, 2022

Cody John Simpson, Ben George, Daryl Molyneaux


The journey from single to married is one of the most difficult and confusing that we’ll experience in life. Filled with mixed messages and sometimes contradictory advice, how are we to make our way? God has not left us on our own in finding our way.

We tackle the issues of dating, sex, and marriage and connect them with God’s design in order to restore and redeem our romantic relationships.


“Searching for Love in a Broken World”
– Cody John Simpson

“A Godly Vision of Sexuality”
– Ben George

Q&A on Dating & Sexuality
with Cody John Simpson & Ben George

“Marriage: Breaking from our Cultural Mold”
– Cody John Simpson

“Unique Designs: Husbands & Wives”
– Daryl Molyneaux

Q&A on Husbands & Wives
– Daryl & Ruth Molyneaux