Volunteer in the community

We affirm that the main prerogative of Christians is the spreading of the Gospel and making disciples, but we also strongly believe that as a church we must show God’s love to our community.

Taking our lead from Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbours as ourselves and His own ministry which allowed people to physically experience God’s love, we seek to find ways to help and volunteer in our community. As a church we are quick to speak of God’s love and we are also quick to show it.

Need volunteers?

If you are a local organization and could use our support, please get in touch with us in person or at hello@voyagechurchmtl.com. and let’s see how we can help!

Its pretty simple! Either let the organizer of a volunteer activity know that you would like to join in, or talk to one of our pastors we will try to pair you with a volunteer opportunity.
At the moment our focus is on supporting community life in The Triangle and Cote-des-Neiges. We do this through organizing local events and volunteering with charitable organizations in the area. We do not limit ourselves to this however, and are eager to take on new opportunities as God leads and as new people come alongside us.
Our typical outreach events have been community barbeques at our local Parc De La Savane. At these events we also sometimes organize sport games for children. This next summer we’ll be continuing with these events, as well as family movie nights.