A Humbled Birth

Notes & Details

Service Date
Sunday, December 18, 2022

Scripture Featured
Luke 2:1-20

Speaker Preaching
Cody John Simpson


Summary & Big Idea

    • Despite all the rhetoric in our day about lifting up and supporting the oppressed, there is (just as there ever was) a real stigma against the actual poor and oppressed. 
      • You never see people brag about their real poverty. On social media you see two things, either unrealistic wealth & enjoyment, or cultivated hardship (not what is actually hard and embarrassing, but something people use to bolster their image). Both of these things are prideful. 
      • People time and again use their status of oppression to gain power over others. Again this is prideful.
      • Where can we find real support and camaraderie in our poverty and suffering?
    • The church has often struggled here too. Go into a cathedral and just marvel at the architecture and wealth that went into its construction and art.
      • Doesn’t it make you feel so far from God? He is so glorious (wealthy & powerful) and we are meager and poor. (Indiana Jones & Last Crusade scene).
    • In Jesus’ life we see that God has not overlooked the poor, but in fact genuinely identifies with them. In doing so He shows us love and acceptance in our struggles, and that we too must humble ourselves and help those in need.
  • Luke 2:1-7
      • Roman rule – Jesus is born into an oppressed people.
      • Nazareth – Jesus is born in what might have been the most ridiculed town of Israel (John 1:46)
      • Laid in a manger/no guest room
        • So she gave birth in a stable. 
        • Baby Jesus was laid in an animal’s feeding trough.
  • Luke 2:8-20
    • Jesus is visited by Shepherds – a lowly segment of society: Ceremonially unclean, considered shifty, their testimony was considered invalid. They were rejects. These guys welcome Jesus, God in human flesh, at His birth!
  • The humility of Christ – Phil 2:5-8
  • Jesus takes on the shame of the poor, suffering, and lowly. (who are these people?? expand)
    • He gives these people dignity, while the world takes away their dignity.
    • If you are here today and you are one of society’s outcasts I urge you to find the comfort of the Saviour and His great love for you.
      • Not only was He born into humble circumstances, His death was even worse – tortured to death as a criminal, and rejected by God. This death was a sacrifice for our own wrongdoing, so that we would be eternally accepted by God.
  • Jesus then also shows us how to live. If we call ourselves followers of Jesus, having been saved by His death, we ought to live in His image. How do we dignify the lowest and outcast of our society? Challenge ourselves, do we do this? Not just by throwing around money, but do we embrace others, welcome them into our lives?
  • There is a spiritual humility that is required of us as well. Matt 5:3 blessed are the poor in Spirit. We need to guard ourselves against false pride. We stand above no one in this life.


This Christmas how can you embrace others who are otherwise rejected in our society today?