Initiate & Embrace


About the Series

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, that we celebrate every Easter, was the paramount moment of God’s relationship with humanity. Never before had God been more clearly revealed than when Jesus took the cross, died so that people from all over the world could have a restored relationship with God, and was resurrected to show the reality of a promised new life.

What God revealed was that His love for us is greater than our selfish rejection of Him. Before anyone could ever fully love God, He had His only Son, Jesus, die for them. In other words, Jesus loved and embraced His enemies while they hated Him the most. Now we have hope through faith in God to follow in Jesus footsteps and show the world the same unimaginable love of Jesus.

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Palm Sunday & Easter (April 10&17, 2022)

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Date Scripture Title Speaker
10/04/22 John 12:12-19 Palm Sunday: Initiating the Embrace Rafi Sarkissian
17/04/22 Easter Sunday: The Embrace of the Cross Cody John Simpson