Palm Sunday: Initiating the Embrace

Notes & Details

Initiating & Embrace

Sunday, April 10, 2022

John 12:12-19

Rafi Sarkissian


    • God initiates
      – Adam and Eve sinned, God went towards them, same for Cain and Abel, same for Israel, same for us with the Holy Spirit (praise the Lord that the Spirit convicts us when we sin). Jesus leaves the 99 for us, He goes constantly towards us, He intercedes for us (sitting at the right hand of God and He’s praying for us)
    • Exhortation
      May this encourage us to love God more, to seek Him more, to be more dependent of Him, to want to read His Word more, to fellowship more
    • Let’s take example of Jesus
      Just as God goes towards His people, we are called to bring the light to world, just as Jesus was, we’re the salt and the light.


  1. Is there someone you should seek reconciliation with, even though the other person hurt you?
  2. How is your relationship with Christ?
  3. Do you pray for evangelism? Opportunities to share the Gospel