The Promised King and Everlasting Kingdom

The Promised King and Everlasting Kingdom

The Promises of the Messiah

Notes & Details

Service Date
Sunday, December  5, 2021

Scripture Featured
2 Samuel/Jeremiah

Speaker Preaching
Cody John Simpson

Summary & Big Idea

-The Messiah, the coming anticipated King was a promise of restoration and healing, and protection

-We’re never able to heal the brokenness of our lives when we live on our own terms. We can ignore, distract, and run, but never heal our pain. We can never escape the chains to our sin and selfishness.

-The promised King was a promise of restoration. If we turn to Him and repent of all the ways we try to be our own kings and believe in faith that He suffered and died on the cross for our disobedience then He will restore our hearts and minds.


Do you struggle to accept Jesus as King of your life? Reflect with God on how being obedient to Him is meant to bless you.