The Promises of the Messiah ✨

About the series


At Christmas we’re conditioned to expect surprises, and we might mistakenly think that the birth of Jesus, recorded hundreds of years after the Old Testament, was likewise something unexpected. What we see from words of the Old Testament prophets though is promise after promise of a blessing, of a King and a Kingdom, and of a covenant that would rest in one person, the Messiah.

Jesus’ birth was in fact a highly anticipated moment as an entire nation eagerly sought a magnificent new era promised by God. This Advent season we’ll explore the promises of God found in Jesus, and the one promise we still await, the culmination of His Kingdom.


Advent 2021


Date Scripture Title Speaker
28/11/21 Genesis/ Romans/Galatians The Promised Blessing to the World Cody John Simpson
5/12/21 2 Samuel/Jeremiah The Promised King and Everlasting Kingdom Cody John Simpson
12/12/21 Ezekiel/Jeremiah The Promised New Covenant Ben George
19/12/21 Matthew/Luke The Promises Revealed Cody John Simpson
26/12/21 1 Corinthians The Promise Fulfillment Cody John Simpson