In, Out, & About: Joining in God’s Mission

About the series

God has a mission to make Himself, and His salvation through Jesus known throughout the world, and we, the church, are called to join Him in this mission. There are three steps we must take to ready ourselves for this life changing work. First, we look inward to discover how we need to be more like Jesus, so that we can do His work His way. Second, we look outward to notice others that God has put in our lives who don’t know Him, and find ways to show them the amazing love of God. Thirdly, we look about us to others who are also engaged in God’s mission, because God calls the whole church to partner together and support one another as we seek to spread the Gospel.


February 2023


Below are the previous or upcoming sermons.

Date Scripture Title Speaker
12/2/23 Galatians 2:20; Rom 6:12-14 Looking Inward Cody John Simpson
19/2/23 Matthew 9:9-13; 35-38 Looking Outward Cody John Simpson
26/2/23 1 Cor 3:5-11, Acts 13:1-3, Phil 4:15-16 Looking Around Cody John Simpson