Heart Attitude

Heart Attitude

God’s Plan For a King

Sunday, March 14, 2021

1 Samuel 9 and 10

Steven Polino

Sermon Notes

We face the consequences of both our actions and our bad attitudes.

Pride can taint our service to God.

Sometimes God allows us to try it “our way” in order for us to learn that His way is truly best.

We are to actively pursue living for the Lord and share the gospel with others around us.

Wanting to be more like Christ in His nature and love for others is a pure desire. However, wanting to be as powerful and perfect as God is not something we are to strive for.

Challenge: A few questions to reflect on

Apathy and passivity are dangerous sins to keep in your life.

How have you been rebelling against King Jesus?

Ask God to fill you with love for others and a burden for the lost.