A View To The Heart

A View To The Heart

God’s Plan For a King | Part 2

Sunday, May 23, 2021

1 Samuel 16

Pastor Cody-John Simpson

Sermon Notes

God uses the least likely of people to accomplish His will.

As humans, we only see the visible, looking at the outward appearance of a person. Good looks at the heart.

Because of the Holy Spirit within us, we are able to look deeply at those around us and see their hearts.

We are to faithfully seek to love what God does and make His name known in the world.

Challenge: A few questions to reflect on

Do you judge by the heart of by people’s appearance?

Ask yourself how much time you take to get ready each morning. Now ask, “How much time do I spend with God in prayer and reading the Word?” in comparison. Make those number equal this week or time with God double the first number.