Finding your True Self

Finding your true self

God’s Plan For a King | Part 2

Sunday, August 18, 2021

1 Samuel 30 & 31

Pastor Cody-John Simpson

Sermon Notes

David and Saul were both put in harrowing circumstances, that revealed who they truly are. David “found strength in the Lord” and sought the Lord while Saul tried to fix his problems with his own ability.

God shows us who we really are so that we may turn to Him and ask for strength and guidance.

Our transformation to be more like Jesus in this life happens with God’s power and guidance in our lives.

Challenge: A few questions to reflect on

Are you being challenged in any way presently? I encourage you to open yourself up to God. Reflect on what God is revealing to you about yourself, and how you can follow Him more faithfully in your moment of difficulty.