May God Judge Between Us

May God Judge Between Us

God’s Plan For a King | Part 2

Sunday, July 18, 2021

1 Samuel 24

Pastor Cody-John Simpson

Sermon Notes

We all face injustice in our lives.

Our response to injustice dramatically changes on account of our relationship with God. -Pastor Cody

Injustice is real, and God’s judgement, the only perfect judgement, is the only truly good remedy. we do not minimize evil but rather we must commit it to God and respond in love.

Challenge: A few questions to reflect on

When we are victims of injustice, abuse, etc. we need to instinctively put the matter before God.

Act in love and stop others from being abused.

Learn to distinguish between God’s enemies and our own.

When we commit injustice to God, we must hope for the forgiveness and redemption of those who are against us.