Following Christ

Following Christ

A Magnificent Call- Our Church’s Unique Mission

Notes & Details

Service Date
Sunday, January 16, 2022

Scripture Featured
Matt. 16:24-28 Matt 16:17-19, 23 Romans 2:6-10 John 16:8 Matt 11:28-30 Romans 3:21-26 Galatians 5:22-24 Matthew 25:31-46

Speaker Preaching
Ben George

Summary & Big Idea

“We were all involved in guilt, none of us would plead not guilty. And being guilty, we lay under sentence of death. Now the judge himself should find out a way to justify us and the creditor himself should contrive a way to have the debt paid and not distress the debtor, should fill us with wonder and love.” -Thomas Watson

“‘Christ has laid down his blood as the price of our justification; and he offers himself and all his merits to us to justify; he invites us to come to him; he has promised to give his Spirit to enable us to do what is required. Why then, sinners, will you not look after this great privilege of justification? Why starve in the midst of plenty? Why perish when there is a remedy to save you? Would not he be thought to be distracted, who having a pardon offered to him, only upon the acknowledgement of his fault and promising amendment, should bid the prince keep his pardon to himself; for his part, he was in love with his chains and fetters, and would die?’” -Thomas Watson