Notes & Details

Planted in Affliction – Encouragement from a Young Church

Sunday, February 6, 2022

1 Thess. 1
Acts 17:1-10

Cody John Simpson


  • Intro to series: Planted in Affliction. Paul, church planter, started church and had to leave because of persecution. This letter shows the great news that this church has stayed faithful.
  • Our sense of success is often formed by worldly standards not God’s.
  • What if God’s “more than anything we can imagine” is your failure? Struggle of planting Voyage.
    Churches are like people. We can often abstract either way.
    Sometimes the adversity in your life is so powerful that you begin to doubt God, or His love for you. Am I really loved by God if this is happening?
  • Acts 17:1-10
    History of Macedonia, politics, the Messiahship of Jesus was highly suspect.
    Paul and company leave and a few months later Timothy visits. Upon his return Paul writes this letter.
  • At Voyage things haven’t been easy. But we’ve seen conversion, faith, love and hope. No matter what the future holds we can have joy and confidence that for here and now God has chosen Voyage.
    Do we see these evidences in our individual lives?

Are we looking at the wrong metrics of success? Take confidence in the truth that God has chosen you and grow in the characteristics that He values for our success.