Notes & Details

Planted in Affliction – Encouragement from a Young Church

Sunday, February 13, 2022

1 Thess. 2:1-17

Cody John Simpson


  • We often make excuses for leaders, especially in hard times (as long as we get the results we want). But leaders model behaviour for others, and soon we follow in the likeness of our leader. This is how corruption or immorality passes on. 
  • How easy it is for a church to be carried away by bad leadership. Often in the wreckage we find spiritual abuse. Bad leadership crushes the people underneath and damages their faith and vitality.
  • When we feel under threat (not unlike the Thess. church) we tend to make exceptions. In fact our sinful nature leads us to elevate people who we feel can take the fight to the threat. Scrappers, tough, get results, might not be pretty but it works. Or people with Charisma, they’re uncanny in how they attract people. We see the numbers they bring in, the ministry they grow and see it as victories for the Kingdom. But at the end of the day all the church really gets are brawlers, bullies, and big egos. 
  • The example of the Thess. church should show us we have nothing to fear. Jesus’ victory over evil was by dying on the cross, not riding in on the white horse. We need to trust God that He will use the weak and foolish to shame the strong and wise. God calls us to trust Him in following the example that He has set for us here.
  • These are what leaders are supposed to be. And doesn’t that sound like someone that you’d want to follow? This guy, not some egocentric tough guy. Imagine the witness to the world if we could get this right. How the world would be shocked and envious of our leaders and flock to understand what makes leadership in the church so different.

It starts with you. We all lead someone. Are you this kind of leader? Emulate this example, and hold others to this standard. When the time is right you will be ready to lead even more.