About the series


Jesus’ time has come. In His last days He enters Jerusalem as a beloved King and announces judgement on the false religious leaders, but then He willingly give up His life so that the sins of humanity can be forgiven.

In this, the greatest moment of history, God pronounces the end of an age, and climactically inaugurate a new one through the death, resurrection, and vindication of His Son.


Mark 10:46-16:8


June 7, 2020 – September 6,2020


Date Scripture Title Speaker
6/07/2020 Mark 10:46-11:11 Who Is Jesus? Cody John Simpson
6/14/2020 Mark 11:12-26 Genuine Faith & Intimacy With God Ben Fleet
6/21/2020 Mark 11:27-12:12 Jesus vs. the Sanhedrin Ben George
6/28/2020 Mark 12:13-34 Unjustified Ben Fleet
7/05/2020 Mark 12:35-44 From Dead Faith to Living Faith Cody John Simpson
7/12/2020 Mark 13:1-23 Promise Over Pain Ben Fleet
7/19/2020 Mark 13:24-37 Be Aware Cody John Simpson
7/26/2020 Mark 14:1-16 Prepared to Death Ben George
8/02/2020 Mark 14:17-52 Shame and the Cross Cody John Simpson
8/09/2020 Mark 14:53-65 Pond of Rejection Ben Fleet
8/16/2020 Mark 14:66-72 Cowardice and Courage Cody John Simpson
8/23/2020 Mark 15:1-20 Scapegoat Ben Fleet
8/30/2020 Mark 15:21-47 Christus Victor Cody John Simpson