Habakkuk: Faith When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

About the series

In Habakkuk we find faith wrestling with painful and confusing circumstances. The prophet sees injustice and hopelessness all around, and still chooses to trust in God’s plan when it doesn’t make sense to him. Life is full of pain and confusion, and in the midst of those times Habakkuk’s example can guide us to strengthen and deepen our faith in God.


Nov 2023


Below are the previous or upcoming sermons.

Date Scripture Title Speaker
Nov 5 Hab 1:1-2:1 The Confusing Ways of God Cody John Simpson
Nov 12 Hab 2:2-2:20 Faith in the Midst of a Broken World Cody John Simpson
Nov 19 Hab 3:1-3:19 Promises Over Circumstances Cody John Simpson