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Prone to Wander – The Story of Jonah

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Jonah 4:5-11

Cody John Simpson


  • Read Jonah 4:5-11
    • There is a deeper comparison, this one between God and Jonah
      • Jonah cares deeply about something not because of the work he put into it, or because of its inherent value, only because of what he gets out.
      • In contrast God, cares deeply for something that He has created, but that cannot give Him anything in return. God is completely other focused in His concern for the ignorant Ninevites. 
    • The story leaves off on an unsettling cliff-hanger. What’s Jonah’s answer??? Perhaps, instead of hearing about Jonah, God is bringing the story back to us. What is our answer?
      • Israel was supposed to be great exporters of God’s Law and truth. Instead more of than not they rejected outsiders. Today the Church has this same mission to spread the Gospel.
      • Like Jonah we all fall victim to our selfishness. Despite experiencing God’s grace we fail to extend it to others (outsiders, enemies), revealing our self-centered hearts that care only for our comforts, wants, and desires. 
      • God invites us to challenge our inner Jonah, turn from our ways and follow His example. 
    • Most incredibly as we become less enamoured with ourselves we behold the majesty of God’s grace. 
    • Look at the lengths God has gone to in pursuing this curmudgeonly prophet. Who could put up with Jonah? And yet God doesn’t give up, but patiently works on him in order to transform him. 
    • This is how God works with us. Brothers and sisters, we see the lengths God will go. We see it in Jesus dying on the cross. Once we have become one of God’s people then we begin to feel His pulling and His calling to change. Shout out and give God praise for His patience and mercy. How He bears with us time and again!


  • This week make time in your routine to praise God in worship for His grace and mercy towards you. Commit to uproot one particular sin in your life with the help of God’s Spirit.