Prone to Wander
About the Series

The story of Jonah is the kind of story that makes us uncomfortable. A prophet of God, Jonah does almost everything possible to prove he’s the last person for the job. Obstinate, angry, selfish, and entitled, Jonah appears very un-prophet like. And yet, God still decides to use him powerfully.

The reason why we are so uncomfortable with this story is because deep down we want heroes who deserve their rewards. We want heroes we can emulate. Instead Jonah‘s story gives us the real Gospel truth, that we’re all as undeserving as Jonah, and that the only great, loving, and gracious hero is God.

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April/May 2022

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Date Scripture Title Speaker
24/04/22 Jonah 1 Called & Pursued Cody John Simpson
1/05/22 Jonah 2 Pious Pagans Cody John Simpson
8/05/22 Jonah 3 Angry with God Cody John Simpson
15/05/22 Jonah 4 Relentless Love of God Cody John Simpson