To the One is Persecuted

To the One is Persecuted

To the One Who Conquers: John’s Letters to the Seven Churches

Notes & Details

Service Date
Sunday, September 19, 2021

Scripture Featured
Rev 2:8-11

Speaker Preaching
Cody John Simpson

Summary & Big Idea

-Revelation speaks to suffering, hardship, and persecution of all varieties and degrees, None of this is unique to being Christian whatsoever. But if you are a Christian, all suffering is experienced through your relationship with God.

-We forget that suffering for Christ is a privilege. And all suffering through the lens of Christ can bring us closer to Him. Philippians 3:10

-All suffering is a test of faith.



Are you facing suffering, hardship, even persecution right now? Are you at risk of losing friends, family, your job? Jesus knows the seriousness of these losses, and calls you to keep trusting Him in your pain. Know that He is with you and will bring justice to all things in the end.