To The One Who Conquers: John’s Letters to the Seven Churches

About the series


Being a Christian isn’t supposed to be easy. While today readers of the Book of Revelation step back in wonder and terror at the many cryptic visions and symbols, to John’s audiences in the seven churches of Asia, to whom the book is addressed, it was a message of encouragement and comfort. 

Each church community was besieged with challenges and threats to their faith and because of their faith. These same challenges and threats have not changed and are still faced by not only churches today, but individual believers. Join us for the next eight weeks as we explore Jesus’ messages to these past brothers and sisters.


Revelation 1-3


This series will be covered in September  and October, 2021. Join us every Sunday in person or on Facebook Live.


Date Scripture Title Speaker
22/08/21 2 Peter 3 00 To the One Who Waits Ben George
05/09/21 Rev 2:8-11 01 Who Is, Who Was and Who Is To Come Cody John Simpson
12/09/21 Rev 2:1-7 02 To the One Who Abandoned Its First Love Ben George
19/09/21 Rev 2:8-11 03 To the One Who Is Persecuted Cody John Simpson
26/09/21 Rev 2:12-17 04 To the One Who Has Compromised their Faith Part 1 Cody John Simpson
3/10/21 Rev 2:18-28 05 To the One Who Has Compromised their Faith Part 2 Cody John Simpson
17/10/21 Revelation 3:1-6 06 To the One Who Is Spiritually Dead Ben George
24/10/21 Revelation 3:7-13 07 To the One Who Is Powerless Cody John Simpson
30/10/21 Revelation 3:14-22 08 To the One Who is Lukewarm Cody John Simpson