To the One Who Has Compromised Their Faith 2

To the One Who Has Compromised Their Faith-2

Notes & Details

Service Date:

Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

Scripture Featured:

Revelation 2:18-28

Speaker Preaching:

Pastor Cody John Simpson

Summary & Big Idea

-From all angles the church is under pressure to conform to the world around us.

-Lampstand, and a church we are to be lights of the Gospel, and if we compromise the light goes out. How can we even be fed in a church that doesn’t hold to the Gospel?

-We cannot compromise the church, allowing it to be co-opted by other beliefs and values, succumbing to people’s own desires.


Are we being pulled away from the Gospel from within the church? Reflect with God this week about our faithful witnessing within the church and how we can be on guard against anti-Gospel messages in our midst.