To the One Who is Lukewarm

To the One Who is Lukewarm

To the One Who Conquers: John’s Letters to the Seven Churches

Notes & Details

Service Date
Sunday, October 30, 2021

Scripture Featured
Rev 3:14-22

Speaker Preaching
Cody John Simpson

Summary & Big Idea

-The church of Laodicea was incredibly wealthy, and just like Laodicea in the west we live in a culture of self-reliance.

-Unlike the Smyrnan church that was made spiritually rich through their faithfulness in persecution the Laodiceans are complacent through comfort

-You say you’re rich and wealthy? I say you’re wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked Rev 3:17

-We need to repent of our state and invite Jesus deeper into our lives! “I wait at the door and knock.”



Is God the source of your joy and peace, have you become spiritually apathetic through the attractions and material blessings of our society? Imagine losing your status or wealth and see if your relationship with God is truly enough for you